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my musings

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blue daisy

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October 26th, 2008

Date: October 10, 2008

Taking care of 2 very cranky kids.
Bribing kids with cookies to stop arguing with each other
10 am "maren pushed me"
10:04 am "maren that's MY stocking cap" as he grabs it back
12:10 pm "I DON'T want the apple peeled AND sliced LIKE Maren; just peeled"
12:32 pm: "MMMMAAAREN you ruined my fort!". Logan "MUH!!!!" Maren. Streaming tears from both kids
12:34 pm "Mommy when is dinner time?". "We just ate lunch - 5 hours". "5 HOURS!!!!!! THAT'S TOO long"
12:55 pm "Mom, wanna jump over this hill I made? (Of blankets)?". "Not really - how about Maren?" "Nevermind"
12:57 pm "mom what are you doing?". "Writing everything you say down so daddy can see how you were today". "Oh"
12:58 pm "I love you mommy" "are you going to write THAT down?". Sure Logan.
1:00 pm "mom look, look at this funny face. Are you going to write that down? Yes or No?"
1:18 pm Making Lemon Bars. Both kids NEED something in the bowl to stir (and be happy)
1:34 pm "Maren honey, "don't eat the color crayons"
1:50 pm. "Socks and shoes on....please".
1:51 "I can't do it all by myself!" Sitting down..."Okay...where's your sock? "It's hiding" (smile)
2:02 pm "Coats! First one to find coats wins!"
2:02 (30 second) "No fair! Maren cheated"
2:08 Attempting to put the 'stiff board" Maren in her carseat. She had other ideas of what to do outside.
2:11 pm. Oops forgot the nuk...will need that
2:21 pm Hair cuts for the kids (Maren's first)
2:40 pm No tears; it's amazing! Off to Dairy Queen to celebrate
2:49 pm Logan is not pleased on how long the drive thru line is taking
2:51 pm Logan suggests I just 'go' thru the redlight because it's MELTING!!
3:01 pm Logan "how's yours?" Me "Good, and yours?" Logan. "Ahhh!"
3:20 pm The ice cream is gone, the screaming begins (Maren is not happy). She loves her ice cream.
3:22 pm "That's IT!" Mommy pulls out "Quiet Time". Hopefully it'll last until daddy gets home.

November 25th, 2007

We put up our tree on Friday - we refuse to do ANY Christmas decorations prior to Thanksgiving. As I was stringing the lights around the tree. Pre-School Worm was "organizing" the ornaments. Completely surrounded by tree ornaments, Worm 2 took a strong tone to Pre-School Worm.

Worm 2: "Logan, you are completely surrounded...you are going to step on them and get hurt. DON'T MOVE"

Pre-School Worm: (moving) "I'm not talking to you"

Worm 2: "Logan - I just told you; don't move and WHAT did you JUST do" "You need to listen"

Pre-School Worm: "I'm only 3, Dad, I'm not 17!"

The Debate Begins....

September 24th, 2007

Preschool: "I need a person."

Daddy: "What, Preschool?"

Preschool: "Daddy, I want you to play with me."

Daddy: "No. I want YOU to play with ME."

Preschool: "Noooooo, I want YOU to play with ME."

Daddy: "NO, play with ME."

Preschool: "OK!"

The boys run off giggling...

September 3rd, 2007

Random Stuff...

yellow roses
Someone showed me this in Chicago when we were talking about YouTube...she warned us, "you won't be able to take it back once you see it"....

"fuzzy little man peach" is now in my vocabulary....sigh.

The guy changes his clothes to match the furniture....it's really strange.

September 2nd, 2007

I need a person....

Can't believe it's already Labor Day Weekend..where did the summer go? In our sleep deprived state I guess it passed us by..

Some more thoughts about Pre-School Worm and Baby Worm...

Pre-School Worm

"I need a person" - stated when Pre-School worm doesn't want to play alone.

Every meal is "Lunch" and anything stated in the past is "Yesterday" (i.e., noah spent the night yesterday...(2 weeks ago), I spent the night at Grandma's yesterday)

Baby Worm is in LOVE with her daddy....when stares at Worm 2 whenever he's in the room and when he talks to her she just BEAMS with excitement.

She just started eating cereal and tried carrots for this first time last night. Pre-School worm ate more of her carrots than she did...."mmmm...mom these are good, a little mushy...but good"

August 22nd, 2007

Sounds of Summer

blue daisy
As I’m typing this right now, Pre-School Worm (age 3) and his cousin(Kindergartner Worm) are running around on the deck….cheering on Worm 2 as he goes around in circles mowing the lawn.

Worm 2 hates mowing the lawn.

But when you have your own cheering section as you round the house – how can that be so bad?

August 17th, 2007

More toddler worm-isms

The latest in toddler worm speak...

"Can we cuddle a 'lil bit?" - Said every night right before bedtime.

"Maybe tomorrow?" - A response to far too many questions asked of him, such as, "Logan can you pick up your toys please?"

"Byerly's" - Said with a really drawn out southern accent, sounds something like "Buuuyaaaarrrrrleeeees".

July 3rd, 2007

We have an Employee Auction Site that I can invite friends and family to join. You can bid on auction items at the same price as Best Buy Employees can. If you want to participate in the Best Buy Employee Auction: respond to this post and (assuming I know you) I'll send you an invite... you'll have to accept the terms and conditions and provide your registration information

They sometimes have some pretty good deals.

Other Important Stuff...

Limited to US Residents (Can't ship outside US)
Payment for auctions is by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover only.
If you win the auction - your credit card will be automatically charged at the end of the auction. All bids on Best Buy auctions are final and binding.

You can browse and view items without placing a credit card on file, but you will be required to provide your credit card information before you will be able to bid.

October 3rd, 2006

Conversation between my nephew (almost 5) and Toddler Worm (age 2 1/2).

Afer seeing a police car...

Nephew: "Did you know my daddy is a police officer?"

Toddler Worm: [Silence]

Nephew: "He's ALSO a teacher"

Toddler Worm: [Stated matter a factly] "My daddy is Superman"

Nephew: [Silence]
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